Dining Room Mural

26 01 2009


This is a mural I painted for a friend of a friend who lived(s) in Lathrop.


Welcome to the House of Fun

25 01 2009


I drew this when I was at BYU one frigid semester. I think I had found a good, big piece of white cardboard that I could not let go to waste. Matthew asked if he could have this and so I gave it to him, but he doesn’t know what happened to it. I don’t know how something like this could get misplaced.

Ordinary Trail Mix?

19 01 2009


The other day Natalia and I were hanging out in the office eating trail mix when she said “Look Mom! I made a butterfly!” Now, I may be a biased mother, but I thought it was a little “extra-ordinary”.


One day Natala was feeling mad at the world. The above drawings are …guess who?

Bean Bag Toss

19 01 2009




Bean Bag Tosses we made for the halloween carnival. Jimmy did all of the cutting and I did the painting.


18 01 2009


Step stool for three little girls. (Such flattering faux-wood dining table background)

Arrrrrr we having FHE tonight?

12 01 2009


Here is a Family Home Evening chart I made for Jimmy’s brother and his family. It’s all wood and the ‘gold coins’ can be removed and rotated. (They hang on a little nail)


Kid Art

8 01 2009


I don’t know what it is about children’s drawings, but I just love them. There’s something artistically unique about them that adults have a hard time replicating. My 5 year old daughter loves to draw, and draws many pictures a day, and with each one, says, “Mommy, I drew this for you”.  I have a very difficult time throwing any of them away, but I don’t know what to do with them all. I very carefully select the ones I want to keep, date them, file them away, and then sneakily but gently place the others in between the papers in the recycling box.

I really love to have the art/decor in my house have some kind of personal sentiment. Just ask about certain things you see, it probably relates to my childhood, grandparents or kids in some way. (Why in the world do you have ROCKS in your house??) So I took some of Natalia’s drawings and glued them over the background that I painted. I got a steal of some framed art at the thrift store and had plans to remove the framed print and use the matting myself, but when I disassembled it, the printed picture was glued to the mat and wasn’t coming off without ruining it…….so I just painted over the picture. In fact, some of the previous art is actually visible, but you’d never know it. This is really one of my favorites.