Gwen….The Book

6 04 2009

Ok, I have been slooooowly working on this little book for a long time. I went to the dollar store and bought a board book, then went home and ripped the pictures off the board. Some of this was easy, and sometimes it was tedious. Then, using slightly watered down Elmer’s glue and a brush, I glued plain cardstock on all of the pages and then trimmed the edges. The rest is pretty obvious what I did. I omitted two pages full of sticker collages, and the back cover (which I forgot to scan) was drawn by Natalia. She wanted to ‘help’ with the book so bad. I am currently trying to laminate the pages using clear laminate sheets. They work alright. Then Gwen can have at it, although they may be afraid to look at it now since the past few months I’ve been saying, “Don’t touch it! I’m not done!!”

Click on the picture to zoom in!