26 06 2009


I really like this video a lot.


Gwen the Painting

25 06 2009


I’m always picking up used canvases at garage sales and then can’t ever think of what to paint. If I can’t think of the perfect thing, I end up not doing anything. Yesterday I thought who cares, it’s a two dollar used canvas! So I just went with this very simple idea. I actually really like it. It was fast too….I like fast. Gwen came out after her nap and saw it and said “It’s MEEEEEE!”

Kousin’s Kamp

18 06 2009


This year is the third year my sister-in-law Krissy (with the help of other sisters) has put on/hosted the annual Wetenkamp Kousin’s Kamp. This is an annual event where all the kid cousins gather for 4 days of cousin fun. There’s swimming, movies, snacks, crafts, playing, games, staying up late giggling (the girls giggle too) ect. This year I was asked to make a poster to hang up of each cousin in attendance. Mind you, all of these kids were sleeping in the same house. Ages 2-13.


Grandma’s Chair Gets a Makeover

18 06 2009


I don’t know if Grandma got these chairs new or used, but they’ve certainly fulfilled the measure of their creation. They aren’t much to look at (although almost retro-cool) but they are sooo comfy to sit in at the dinner table. Well, after 20+ years of use, the seat covers are splitting and after 20+ years of spills down the cracks, the cracks are just…well…gross. So I tore the cover off one chair to see what was underneath. Turned out to be a neat looking, very sturdy cardboard mold.  I decided to see if I could salvage the chair and reuse it.

After pulling about 700 staples out of it, I sanded smooth and spackled the major holes, then painted the inside black. The outside didn’t have many holes…in fact, the large bolts have no function other than to hide large holes. I really liked the raw cardboard look, so I just coated it in clear sealer. I found some really nice fabric at the thrift store for less than a buck and recovered the cushion. Painted the base black and voila! It’s our new office chair. I like it.