Some Old Drawings

31 12 2009

I was rummaging through an old portfolio from the MJC days and came across these works. The hands were done in my basic drawing class….studying contour lines. Hands are reeeally hard to draw (in my opinion) and I thought these turned out looking a whole lot like they were supposed to……like MY hands.

This is a tree in my parent’s backyard. I drew this one time while living there (east coast Maryland). I wonder if they can spot which tree it is…..


Baaaaa Humbug?

31 12 2009

No humbug. Just sheep. This was my contributin this year to the church christmas activity. They put on a nice little nativity play, and the sheep looked much better after they were cut out.

RS Poster

9 12 2009

I have made MANY a poster for church in my time. I wish I had taken photos of each one, but was always too lazy I guess. But I did take a picture of this one for our most recent RS activity.