Mister Boogiesuck

18 01 2010

We call this guy Mr. Boogiesuck……for obvious reasons. One day the seam ripped on this device…..(hopefully not while in operation) and it instantly became a funny puppet that tries to encourage children to blow their own nose so they don’t have to pay a visit to MEEEEESTER BOOGIESUCK.


Weird was cool.

18 01 2010

When I was in highschool, it was cool to draw weird things. These drawings are from about that time. I don’t believe any of them have any kind of meaning whatsoever. Sometimes it was just fun to experiment with different types of pens on different types of surfaces (i.e. foamboard). Some of the colors have faded over time ( I did graduate nearly 16 years ago! gulp.)

One woman’s junk….is still junk.

8 01 2010

I have been doing some major de-junking of closets and such this week and came across some ‘art-like’ items from the past. I threw these out, but took a photo keepsake first….just for the memories. The letter N was carved out of a nice block of styrofoam I couldn’t pass up. Then I painted it (to try and look like stone). It would’ve been better if I had enough to do all the letters in Natalia’s name.

The heart was just a hat box I used for a marble faux finish class I took in Manteca with my former ‘boss’ Suzanne Dawson. I don’t know why I saved this…I am not so big on heart-shaped things.  I thought the finish turned out nice. It needed a glossy coat to be absolutely done.