Natalia Wetenkamp, Age 6

29 03 2010

Someday she’ll outgrow this, but this is the epitome of my daughter. This is the Natalia my neighbors and anyone driving down Maple Drive know. She makes me smile.


The Door is Ajar

29 03 2010

Ajar or not, we finally have a bedroom door! Goodbye Ikea drapes, hello better sound barrier and modern coolness. Since our bedroom is not really a bedroom,we didn’t have many options for a door. There were bi-fold doors, but we didn’t want them sticking out on either side when folded open, and french doors would stick way out into either room….also making it awkward. So a sliding door is something I’ve always thought was cool and actually worked the best. Although, real ones are much nicer, they’re pretty pricey, so we made our own using two hollow closet doors, scrap wood, and two sliding closet door tracks. Since I knew nobody would really see the door on the inside of our room I decided to have fun with it and try to make it look industrial… know….it goes with the brick.  It’s just paint, so it can be changed whenever I get tired of it. Now, I just need an iron padlock and someone to tag Jimmy+ Lindsey on it.

The door on the dining room side. The door can be slid all the way over to the wall and be completely hidden from this side.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road

25 03 2010


We had a Relief Society activity at church that was Wizard of Oz themed. These are two signs I painted.