Neighborhood Folk

31 05 2010

Who are the people in your neighborhood?

Gwen and I stayed home from church today to get over our colds and I got my sketchbook out. I didn’t know what to draw, but the neighborhood was alive today so I started drawing my neighbors. Like most streets, we have a variety of  “folk” here. From the top, clockwise, we have:

1.  J.D. Mom. She always seems grumpy. She sits out in the car waiting for family members and honks the horn at them. She has an unusually high voice.

2.  Reggie. Every street should have a Reggie. He keeps his yard tidy and is often seen tidying up other people’s yards as well. He sees something that needs to be done on the street and does it. He just got a new bike and likes to go on bike rides with his wife and a cold drink.

3.  Abuelo. Abuelo is an elderly gentleman that most likely doesn’t speak a lot of english. He very diligently walks the length of the street three times a day with his walker. One can hear the distinct rhythm of the walker from inside the house, or in the backyard and know, “There goes Abuelo…right on schedule”.

4.  Denise. Ummm….the picture is self-explanatory.

5.  Dee-Dee. Very nice lady across the street who had a stroke several years back. I personally witnessed Dee-Dee break her hip one day.

6.  Aaron. Natalia’s new friend who moved in across the street. Without fail, every single time Aaron comes over he asks if he can paint. I have no idea why he asks to paint, but I always say no.

7.  Neighborhood Hoodlums. They are mostly just passing my house. These guys have no idea how ridiculous their clothing and accessory fads look. I have tried very hard over the years to refrain from yelling out the window that their hairstyle is that of a middle-aged woman.

8.  Bud. Bud is our long-time next-door neighbor. He has been there since I was a baby and my grandparents lived in this house. I once climbed through his bedroom window to unlock the front door when they lost their keys.


The pen is mightier…it bleeds too.

16 05 2010

I’ve been playing around with my black flair pen and another tool that is like a water paint pen. It blends the ink nicely…kind of like water-color painting, but a little easier to control. In fact, it is a lot like those ‘paint with water’ coloring books that we had as kids. So here are a few of my doodles done on a sunday afternoon.

Welcome to…..

11 05 2010

A Kousin’s Kamp thankyou card to Krissy.

Fat Just Might Save a Life…..

11 05 2010

There’s a teenager at church who, for the past several years has worn one of those inflatable sumo wrestler costumes to the church “Trunk-or-Treat” each Halloween. He is pretty well-known by this costume. Last year he was hit by an OID truck while walking home from school. He was injured pretty bad and my friend and I brought dinner to the family…..along with a get-well card.

Princesses Don’t Hit

3 05 2010

When Natalia was about 4 years old, we sat down and “wrote” a book. Well, I asked her to tell me everything she knew on the subject of princesses, and we wrote this little children’s book. It is nearly word-for-word out of Natalia’s mouth, with a little help or re-wording from me. I illustrated and we had it published through

Princesses love all things sparkley (see above). And princesses only get in trouble when they hit things…like cats, dogs or other princesses. (see other above) The model I used for the cat in the above illustration was our dearly deceased family cat “Pould” (rhymes with should). Pould was rude to outsiders of the family. Natalia was 50% outsider and thus, did not smell 100% Long (my maiden name). Since Pould was declawed, she couldn’t scratch anyone, but she had a mean right hook and could slap a person silly if they got close enough. Natalia met Pould when she was 2 years old and Pould hit her once. She mentioned it a few times that “Pould hits”. Hence, princesses should never hit back…even cats.