Tree of Life

4 06 2010

I’ve been attempting to stretch my artistic wings by dabbling in different types of styles. I really wanted a personalized painting in our home that reflected our ‘spiritual’ goal as a family.

The prophet Lehi had a vision in which he saw what is referred to as the Tree of Life.  A tree that bore the most sweet above all fruits, which, when partaken, filled his soul with exceeding happiness.

It was not until Lehi pressed his way through the dark and dreary waste that he saw the tree. An iron rod led in a straight, but narrow path out of the darkness and to the tree. Many people were pressing forward, holding on to this rod, and Lehi beckoned his family to come and partake of the fruit with him.

In contrast to the beautiful tree, there was a large and spacious building filled with people laughing and pointing at those who sought the fruit of the tree. Some people turned back toward the large building and were lost.

The Tree of Life represents the love of God, which is the most desireable above all things. The iron rod represents the word of God which teaches us how to reach our ultimate goal, and the great and spacious building is the pride of the world.

I painted each member of our family so that they can look at this painting and realize that Lehi’s vision was not just for his own children centuries ago, but is just as important to us as well. Hopefully, my kids will always see our lifelong goal as a family.