Colored Pens Are For Da Boids

9 01 2011

My Dad used to say to us kids, “You old birds.” I dunno why. My girls love to have me sit down and draw with them. I never really know what to draw. These are some examples of what I end up drawing.


Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree….

5 01 2011

For Christmas we gave Jimmy’s parents a gift card to In-n-Out. His parents love In-n-Out for many reasons, 1. Jimmy’s Dad worked there as a teenager, 2. That’s where they met and fell in loooove, 3. They just really like hamburgers.

So, this was the card I made to go along with the gift.

Lil’ Savage

5 01 2011

This is my nephew Drew (from the Wetenkamp side). His mom’s nickname was Pocahontas when we were younger, so as offspring from Pocahontas, he brings to mind the song “They’re savages! savages!….”