…..alwaaays and forever.

31 10 2011

Just a Father’s Day card for m’Dad. Yes, he loves technology.┬áNot as much as me, you see. But still, he loves technology.


Do a Good Turn Daily

31 10 2011

Drawing these scout mascots on a cloth banner for a friend counts as a good turn, right?


31 10 2011

Here’s another little fun book I made from an old board book. This time I just ripped off the picture layer and kept it ‘raw’. I love the look of raw cardboard. I like fonts of all sorts. Dunno why it’s simply called Book.

Romantical Mallets

2 10 2011

A young friend recently got married and had a rubber mallet on their gift registry.

1. How could we NOT pass up an excuse to buy a rubber mallet for a wedding gift?

2. How could we NOT wrap it exactly like a rubber mallet?

Lunch Is a Funny Word

2 10 2011

Sharpies are a great way to spruce up a $1.99 lunchbox.