8 02 2012


Sign for a baby shower for my friend’s sister.


Hickory Dickory Dock…

8 02 2012

My grandparents (who’s home I am living in) had scores of clocks. I think I counted 90-something at one time. After my grandpa passed and my grandma moved out we had a garage sale and sold most of them. Some were put back up in the garage/attic. I stumbled upon them recently and discovered that the old clocks were pretty hip looking now. But don’t be fooled, they were still pretty ugly brass, fake wood and plastic “chrome” parts. I kick myself every time for being in too big of a hurry to finish the project that I forget to take a before photo. Here they are with a new makeover. No, they don’t work. I do miss that sound of 90-something clocks ticking simultaneously.