Mom + Monster + Cupcake = This post.

22 03 2013

DSC02089A friend of mine was wanting to start up a cupcake bizz called Momster Cupcakes and I was sketching out ideas for a logo.



22 03 2013


Jimmy has been wanting me to do a painting for his office for a long time. While he was away at a geology conference in Colorado I was able to paint this for him. It was right before his birthday so it got to be a suprise! Hooray for suprises! It’s a trilobite. Now extinct. I have a scar on my right knee that looks just like one. Ask my brother Markus, he’ll confirm it.

I got a handle on this.

22 03 2013

DSC03258 DSC03259 DSC03261

I finally got a door handle for our bedroom door. It was perrrrrrfect. But a little too new. And a little too shiny. So I rusted it up. Now it’s just right.

Step Right Up!

22 03 2013

DSC03201 DSC03204

We had a circus theme for this year’s Young Women in Excellence program and I made signs on posterboard. I love circus fonts. They’re my favorite!

Wear a Helmet, Save a Life.

22 03 2013

DSC02065 DSC02083

I painted over Gwen’s helmet and fixed it up for Carlitos. He looks like the Mario Bros. Toad Guy when he wears a helmet.

“..he’s gonna cry himself to sleep tonight on his huuge pilla”

22 03 2013

It was kind of a tradition at church when a child moved away to make a pillow case and have all the kids sign it. It was only fitting to make one for the Poyers when they moved away.

DSC02254 DSC02253 DSC02252 DSC02251 DSC02250


22 03 2013

Wkamp kids color

Natalia, Gwen, Charlie Boy

DSC01979Natalia’s 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Imura (thank you card)

DSC018762012 Ragnar SoCal Team (magnets for our van)